I really enjoy writing software. Good software developers often have a lot to say about the subject, and I usually have a lot to say about everything.

However, I will ramble elsewhere, and here I will attempt to provide a brief description of my own experience, on the assumption that the reader (that’s you) is interested in that.

The list of technical dilemmas and opinions is long, but today, I know what I “believe” in. Many software engineers annoyingly reiterate the cliche of “the right tool for the right job”, but any good geek has played D&D and knows that you choose your weapons before the job/battle, and before you know what you will be up against. Indeed, to the educated craftsman, often your choice of tools determines what task you will be up against. In any case, in the realm of web apps, social and e-commerce (where I am mostly interested), my recommended toolbox would be Ruby (Sinatra), PAAS (Heroku), NoSQL (MongoDB), server-side rendering (ERB) with massive client-side JS (vanilla/JQ, no SPA).

So yeah. Software is awesome.