So, some things I believe in, which all kind of tie together.

  1. There is no God. I am an atheist.

  2. Spirituality is still important. There is much to be understood and appreciated about our own reality: our brain and our subjective conscious experience. Our brain is pretty amazing; the very existence of subjective experience is quite profound. Appreciating it is not easy, but it is both enlightening and pleasant - this is something we all should be pursuing, both for academic interest and personal gain.

  3. Free will does not exist. This is as clear a scientific fact as evolution. We are not in control of our thoughts (this can be attested first-hand by anyone) any more than we are in control of our heartbeat or our digestive systems. The experiencer is not the driver.

  4. Happiness is important. Everything else can and should be derived by how much happiness it creates for how many people.

My favorite contemporary philosopher, whose talks and books I recommend in their entirety, is Sam Harris.