I hike a lot. Here are various pictures of me hiking (late 2015 - early 2016)

Har Tayasim, Israel, Feb 2016
Har Tayasim, Israel, Feb 2016
The Small Crater, Israel, Feb 2016
Hermon Mountain, Israel, Feb 2016
Horshan Hill, Israel, Jan 2016
Zeelim River, Israel, Jan 2016
Ardon Mountain, Makhtesh Ramon, Israel, Dec 2015
Tel Gezer, Israel, Dec 2015
Tel Azeka, Israel, Dec 2015
Nahal Alexander, Israel, Dec 2015
Nahal Dragot, Israel, Dec 2015
Nahal Kisalon, Israel, Dec 2015
Bikat Zin, Israel, Nov 2015
Nahal Kelach, Israel, Nov 2015
Har Shokef, Israel, Nov 2015
Nahal Carmila, Israel, Oct 2015
Nahal Dolev, Israel, Oct 2015